iDOCS: Medical Practice Management System

iDOCS Medical Practice Management System

iDOCS Handles Virtually All Specialties

The power and flexibility of the iDOCS Medical Practice Management System can serve your medical practice on every front. iDOCS handles virtually all specialties, including the unique requirements of anesthesiology and radiology, plus the heavy and varied workloads of medical billing service businesses. The requirements of Medicaid billing, non-profit service providers are also met by iDocs. Our practice management solution runs in the cloud or in-house on the IBM i Power servers.

iDocs: Additional Features Overview

Access iDOCS on-line through the power of the Internet.

iDOCS can handle the large clinic as well as smaller clinics with the same set of application software. For the smaller clinics, our iDOCS On-Line solution may fit your needs. With no hardware or software to buy, use the iDOCS software on an IBM i Server through your Internet connection. We handle all the system administration and data backup. For a low monthly fee use iDOCS without a large initial monetary outlay.

Optimum Productivity for Medical Billing Services

While ADS has been a major provider of practice management software to clinics over 25 years, iDOCS has also been implemented in several medical billing service enterprises. The outstanding productivity of iDOCS and IBM servers has been demonstrated time and time again in challenging billing environments, such as radiology and anesthesiology, among others.  Non-profit providers of services to the disabled are also users of this system.  iDOCS is truly an “industrial strength” processing solution for these demanding businesses.

Support for large multi-doctor clinics

iDOCS will support large, multi-specialty clinics with up to 10,000 separate billing entities at multiple service locations. iDOCS supports up to 9999 doctors in each billing entity or each doctor can be set up as a separate business. The same computer software can service a single doctor from a single personal computer or hundreds of doctors using hundreds of terminals without change.

IBM Server Platform

iDOCS utilizes IBM’s most stable and technically advanced platform, the IBM i Power server. With the industry’s highest uptime rating, you can be assured your business system will be available day in and day out to meet your needs. The new IBM i Power architecture offers unprecedented capacity and reliability for a fraction of the cost of its predecessors.

Front Office (Optional)

This module controls the efficient use of clinic resources: doctors’ time, nurses’ time, technicians’ time, medical equipment and facilities. Geared to handle large volumes, iDOCS makes office scheduling a fast, smooth and efficient experience for both the patient and office worker. It quickly displays the availability of the combined resources required based on the patient’s “reason code”. Then it matches available resources with the times and dates desired by the patient. It schedules multiple appointments easily. It can rapidly search for a patient’s current schedule. When rescheduling an appointment, iDOCS quickly shows the next available openings when those same combined resources will be available. Then, iDOCS moves the entire group of resources to the new time and date and releases the old schedule. It allows the blocking out of multiple time-spans per doctor each day. As an automatic byproduct of Office Scheduling, iDOCS can print appointment slips, office schedules, and superbills as needed.

Creating New Patient Accounts

Accurate and complete data entry is essential to effective operation of the office. iDOCS simplifies this task by providing help windows. If you can partially spell a name, a help window will furnish a short list of candidates that conform. If you do not understand what entries are acceptable for a computer input field, a help window will give you a list of correct choices. For example, if you do not know the code for a medical diagnosis input a few characters of a possible description and a help window will supply a short list of possibilities.

Hospital Data Transfer

Some medical specialties acquire all or most of their patients through hospitals. iDOCS can automatically create new patient accounts from hospital data transferred electronically. Of course, hospitals store patient records in different data formats. iDOCS translates hospital records into internal data formats to create new patient records. These records remain passive until activated by a patient charge. If no charge occurs within a specified period, the account is purged.

Entering Patient Charges

iDOCS simplifies this task by entering patient charges in batches. This eliminates the need to re-enter redundant data. Charges for the same patient, performed by the same doctor, on the same day, for the same diagnosis are grouped under the same ticket number. This process captures all of the data required to produce HIPAA compliant electronic claims and HCFA 1500 insurance forms.  Help windows assist in coding computer input. iDOCS supplies the medical procedure charge amounts from the fee schedule selected during Patient Account setup. The operator can override these charge amounts only for procedures marked as variable priced procedures. iDOCS validates the accuracy of data entry by comparing batch totals with control totals entered at the beginning of the process.

Assigning Patients to Financial Classes

Designating a Financial Class for each new patient/guarantor controls the entire process of pursuing payment. Most clients tie Financial Class to the patient’s method of payment (for example Medicare, Medicaid, Commercial Insurance, Managed Care/HMO/PPO, Workers Compensation, Self-Pay, Time-Pay, Insurance Only, etc.) but this is totally discretionary.

Posting Payments to Collection Accounts

Financial Class can be used to categorize collection accounts to which payments can be posted. If payment is sufficient to remove the account from Collections, iDOCS will move it to the appropriate status.

Adding Progressive Warnings to Statements

Financial Class defines each step in a follow-up procedure based on the age of an outstanding debt. It tells the system when to send (or not send) statements. It adds progressive warning messages (created by the user) to each statement. For example, progressive statements may contain custom messages that are reminders of past-due status, warning of impending action or final demands for payment before turnover to outside agencies or lawyers for collection.

Controlling Telephone and Letter Follow-up

In parallel with the statement of account process, iDOCS begins generating telephone lists for delinquent account follow-up as indicated by the account’s financial class. If high volumes justify more automation, the optional software assigns delinquent accounts to specific terminal users for follow-up. Delinquent accounts are queued onto the operator’s screen. The computer can auto-dial the telephone numbers. The telephone lists can also initiate a series of custom-tailored, personalized collection letters.

Automating Write-off and Turnover Procedures

Eventually, after internal collection procedures have run their course, iDOCS automates the write-off procedure and creates a lawyer’s list. Clients use this list to determine the most appropriate method of outside collection — collection agencies or the courts. Of course, the user can also designate the size of small debts (or credits) to be written-off without further pursuit.

Handling Of Medical Specialties

Most of the clinics that use iDOCS are medical specialists or multi-specialty groups. Each specialty has differing requirements. For example, anesthesiologists bill time instead of units and must keep track of the time sedation begins and ends.

Radiologists must retain medical imaging and related consulting interpretations for long periods, yet these records must be freely available for circulation (on a loan basis) to other doctors on request. How does one computer software system handle all these differences? iDOCS has been programmed to handle the needs of most medical specialties. If your requirements are unique, Arkansas Data Services stands ready to accommodate your needs.

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