Streamlining Cash Flow Through Automation with iDOCS

iDOCS: Streamlining Cash Flow Through Automation

Track Payments And Claims With Complete Confidence

Electronic Medical Claims

iDOCS automates most of the accounting process once the charges have been posted. Many insurance claims can be filed electronically, such as Blue Cross/Blue Shield, Medicare, and Medicaid. Others can be transmitted to electronic claims service bureaus for repackaging and redistribution. These service bureaus generally process claims for less than the cost of manual processing and postage. Printed claims can also be produced.

Insurance Tracking

iDOCS tracks the payments of each insurance company individually. It computes and logs the typical response time for each company. When response times exceed normal, the item will appear on an exception report. Thus, the system prompts the user to file an insurance inquiry and/or to send a statement to the responsible party.

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