Information Archiving Solutions

Information Archiving Solutions

Arkansas Data Services’ archiving product was originally offered as RAS/400. RAS/400 was designed as an affordable solution to allow any AS/400 report to be archived and optionally printed, after archiving, and is a product that has application in virtually all business environments. Our new release, “RASi” (Record Archive Service for i), is offered at RASi Level 1 and RASi Level 2. RASi can be installed on your in-house IBM i, or RASi functions can be provided by Arkansas Data Services online via the internet.

Level 1 is an enhanced and simplified solution to archiving reports, documents, and images. The reports and images are stored on your IBM i (AS/400, iSeries) disk, or on a Windows server. Content is indexed using Microsoft Search Server 2008 Express, and is retrieved easily and quickly using a web browser interface.

For IBM i users who are on i5/OS Version 6 Release 1, which supports the use of IBM OmniFind Text Search Server for DB2, RASi Level 2 provides the ability to search, or “crawl”, all archived material on content. This offers a level of sophistication that can be applied to an organization’s data that compares to those search engines most widely used on the Internet. RASi Level 2 offers the highest level of security and archive protection, and, since archives are not retained in a folder, content cannot be deleted. Content is viewed through the provided web browser interface. No Windows server is required.

RASi Level 2 Highlights

Supports RASi Level 1 features.
No windows server required when archiving to RASi DB2 database.
HIPAA compliant.
Program control required to delete archived document.
Archived document cannot be altered.
Documents can not be retrieved for viewing using ODBC drivers.
Uses IBM® OmniFind Text Search Server for DB2 for i5/OS to index content.
Supports document types:Adobe PDF
Rich Text Format (RTF)
Lotus 123
Lotus Freelance
Lotus WordPro
Microsoft Excel
Microsoft PowerPoint
Microsoft Word
Open Office 1.1 & 2.0
JustSystems Ichitaro

RASi Level 2 Feature Comparison Chart


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